Shuttles Harwell Laboratories Badminton Club

Membership & other Fees

The season's subscription and fees are agreed in advance at our AGM. A discount is offered for early payment of the membership subscription and we also offer a reduced rate for junior and senior players.

The team fee is payable in advance for matchplayers. To encourage reserves to cover player unavailability, no charge is made for reserving in up to three matches within the season. After that, a fee per match is payable, capped at a maximum of the team fee.

New members pay a one-off joining fee (as our rates are subsidised by subscriptions from several years ago that many of our current members contributed to).

Guests are welcome (a visitor fee is payable on the night). After three sessions, a decision about joining the club is expected (but do discuss possible part season memberships with the Treasurer).

2nd Sept - 16 Dec 2019
6th Jan - 30th Mar 2020

2019/20 season
Adult Senior Junior
Joining Fee (all new members over 18 years) 40 40 N/A
Monday Club Subscription (paid by 31 July) 80 70 60
Monday Club Subscription (paid from 1 Aug) 90 80 70
Team match Fee (per season per player) 30 30 30
Reserve Fee (per match from 4th match) 3 3 3
Guest Fee (maximum of 3 sessions) 5 5 3